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Multi-species Chicken Probiotic

Probiotic supplement for chickens
Water soluble powder

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Zootechnical additive Class II

ProbiGal™ is a multi-strain probiotic isolated from heathy free-range chickens. These strains produce beneficial enzymes. antimicrobial compounds, promote immune development and microbiome maturation.

ProbiGal™ should be administered as soon as possible to promote the development of a healthy gut microbiome. ProbiGal™ can be administered daily to maintain a healthy gut microbiome or during antibiotic treatment to decrease microbiome disturbances during treatment.


Ligilactobacillus salivarius DPN181, Lactobacillus gallinarum DPN164, Lactobacillus johnsonii DPN184, Lactobacillus crispatus DPN167, Enterococcus faecalis DPN94, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens DPN123.

Carrier: maltodextrin

Total viable count (colony forming units, CFU) not less than: 6 x 109 CFU/gram

Direction for use

Drinking: Dissolve 10 g of powder (1 scoop) in appropriate amount of potable water per 1000 birds. Consume within 4-6 hours.

Withdrawal: None

Dosage amount: 10 g powder per 1000 birds per administration 5,79 x 106 to 7,85 x 107 CFU per bird per administration

For detailed product description and instructions for use see enclosed leaflet.


Shelf-life: 6 months

Store between 2-8°C

For animal use only

Registration Holder: Biotikum RF (Pty) Ltd
Co. Reg. No. 2020/514792/07
South Africa

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